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The Palmeco® products meet the regulatory requirements NF U 44-551

Nucea, culture cycle

  • 1 Coconuts estate's source of carbon
    (fixing of CO2/release of O2 in the atmosphere).
    Fixing of 40 tons of CO2/ha/year.
  • 2 Selection of supply sources within the coconut estate.
  • 3 Regrouping of coconuts:
    separation of coprah and the coïr.
  • 4 Industry of oleaginous and food stuffs.
  • 5 Manufacture of PALMECO products:
    work of coir fibre dust associated with numerous analyses and quality controls.
  • 6 Palletization:
    total traceability with the bag.
  • 7 Sea transport:
    in container towards the international ports.
  • 8 Reception and storage:
    in the large national ports (inside storage)
  • 9 Delivry in your company.
  • 10 Market gardening and horticulture.
  • 11 Manufacturing contract:
    Manufacturing process established in commitment with you and transmitted on NUCEA productions' sites.
  • 12 Recycling:
    improvement of the grounds, composts, green energy and take account into yur order accordin to your book specification or requir. All our products are produced in accordance with the RHP standard (Holland standard) and respond to the standard NFU44-551.
Nucea, schéma cycle