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For over 20 years NUCEA SUBSTRATE delivers all the guarantees for the success of your culture. The PALMECO range adapts to each culture, each climate and each operation. Complete control on cultivation is achieved, thanks to the specificity of each of our substrates. Our substrates are the ideal environment for a harmonious development of the root system and plant. Plant uptake of water and minerals will be facilitated .

PALMECO products are manufactured industrially, and as such, they have maximum homogeneity. PALMECO products bring you all health guarantees, from natural solarisation to the enforcement of stringent sanitary measures. They are standardised products which meet the regulatory requirements (NF U44-551). They also undergo rigorous checks at all stages of manufacture, guaranteeing the quality of our products.

The PALMECO range is complete and very easy to use.
Your PALMECO substrate meets your expectations and your aspirations: it offers a wide choice of structures and options, in order to meet any of your requirements. The results will meet your expectations in that your expectations have conditioned your substrate.
The PALMECO products are easy to implement (thanks to the compressed form and drilling of the envelopes) and recycle at the end of culture.
PALMECO products have an exceptional durability, without evolution or compaction of the material, allowing for long cultures.
PALMECO products enable an optimal root development - white in colour due to better aeration (root respiration) - a better water distribution and better drainage. The distribution of the nutrient solution is favoured by a structure in the form of layers.
PALMECO substrates are 100% organic, 100% natural, 100% recyclable.